Dear colleagues!

Any victim irrespective of citizenship and place of residence can fill in the form below.

The process will take not more than 30-40 minutes, and you will meet zero costs and risks. At the same time, it will cause great problems to the WEX owners and managers who at the time of fraud hoped that the U.S. law system would be passive as to the recovery of BTC-E users’ money (see

It’s very important that everyone fill in the form. In this case, the amount of damage will be sufficient (several millions of dollars), and the authorities will have to investigate the case quite carefully. For the fraudsters, it will mean long legal proceedings and great costs for American lawyers.

The form is in English. In case of difficulties, please use Google Translate.

1. Press the button below “I Accept”:

2. On the next page ( you should fill in these fields:

2.1. Victim information – information about yourself.

2.2. Name (name) – your full name (here and further on — in English).

2.3. Address (address) – your full address.

2.4. City (city) – city of residence.

2.5. Country (country) – country of residence.

2.6. Zip code (mail index) – mail office number.

2.7. Phone number (phone number) – figures only (without spaces and special symbols).

2.8. E-mail address (E-mail address).

3. In Financial Transaction(s), fill in the fields corresponding to your case. If you carried out several transactions, you may add them (Add another transaction).

3.1. If you carried out cryptocurrency transactions, note it in Transaction Type – virtual currency.

In Transaction Amount indicate the approximate value of your transactions in US dollars. Transaction Date – date of transaction (approximate – if you don’t remember the exact date). Was the money sent – Yes (Was the money sent – Yes). In the field Recipient Account Number, you can indicate the address of your electronic purse. 

3.2. If you have some BTC-E tokens. You should fill in the fields here like you did it in p. 3.1. If you can’t give exact details and amounts, indicate approximate ones.

3.3. If you carried out transactions through intermediaries (Yandex.Money, OK Payment, ADVCash, etc), choose Transaction Type – other and fill in (in English) the field “If other, please specify“. Please share as much details as you can.

3.4. If you carried out bank transfers, it’s crucially important to give the data on the transaction recipient and sender for each transaction; you should also cover as many transactions as possible. According to the information from several sources, the money is in the accounts of third persons, and it’s quite possible to recover it with the help of the forms you are filling in right now. They are to be sent to the IC3. So we urge those who carried out bank transfers to WEX/BTC-E to spend some time sharing the details of these transactions.

4. In the field “Provide a description of the incident and how you were victimized. Provide information not captured elsewhere in this complaint form“, please give the following information.

On July 12, 2018 WEX management announced technical maintenance:

Withdrawals were blocked. Then, there appeared the opportunity to withdraw funds (minor cryptocurrencies) with 30-90% commission. The support team asked to wait for some time. In November 2018, the site stopped responding, and then the support team stopped responding also. In December 2018, WEX mirrors sites stopped responding at all. The WEX (BTC-E) project still keeps my funds; the support team and managers do not give us any clue about the whole situation.

5. Information About The Subject(s) Who Victimized You. In this field, please indicate 2 suspects in the fraud case.

5.1. First subject:

Dmitrii Vasiliev

Facebook ID: 1819664186

5.2. Second subject:

Dmitrii Havchenko

You can also add any person or organization that may victimized you in WEX case, in your opinion.

6. In the field Other Information -> Are there any other witnesses or victims of this incident?


More than 500 users were victimized by this crime group: at least 5 U.S. citizens; 100+ EU citizens; 300+ Russian citizens; etc. Dmitrii Havchenko may have spent the stolen funds on terrorist activities. 

7. In the field “Who Filed the Complaint“, answer the question “Were you the victim in the incident described above?” — write in “Yes”.

8. In the field “Digital Signature“, write in your full name in English. Tick the captcha “I am not a robot” and press the button “Submit Complaint“.

9. Send a screenshot confirming successful submission of your form to [email protected]. The data are necessary for accounting the number of complaints. You may delete your personal data from your screenshot. We need only the name of the sender. The data will not be transferred to third persons.

All is ready. You did well. Thank you for your participation in our fight against the fraudsters. We hope that their numerous problems will outweigh their profits and make them seek for a settlement agreement.

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