Who we are

We are a group of the WEX.NZ exchange clients who lost money when it blocked the withdrawal of our funds. We consider its actions fraudulent. We are not going to just wait and hope that somebody will give us a chance to recover our money.

Our contacts

Twitter account: twitter.com/WexScam

Telegram channel with latest news: t.me/wexiniciative

Telegram chat of our community (currently in russian mostly): t.me/wexcodes

Your participation

Please, spend 3 minutes of your time to fill in the form. Together we’ll be able to better defend our interests. The amount of the claimed damages and the chances of recovering our funds will be much higher.

We’ll appreciate your media coverage of the activities aimed at recovering WEX clients’ funds. If you have an opportunity to write and publish information on the situation with WEX — please, do so.

Our goals

To get publicity in mass media. To have the guilty persons and their activities brought to light. To file charges against the fraudsters, as well as to put them in prison. To recover our funds in full (considering our costs) by taking money from the corporate and personal bank accounts of the WEX and its owners. To search for the fraudsters’ real assets and to have them arrested.

Our Actions

  • Press coverage. We have the situation covered by mass media in order to make it public. The channel news inform about our activities and the reaction to publications. Watch the news.
  • Search for the persons affiliated with the WEX’s CEOs and theirs assets.
  • Preparation of legal documentation for filing a lawsuit against the WEX.